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Show your stuff

It's one thing to buy our product but another to actually show us what you did with it. It means a lot to us that something in our store is used and has helped with your design project. We have a spot for the amazing works you have done with our resources. Let us showcase your designs.

Points, points, and more points

When you sign up with us, we reward you with points. Points accumulate and are used as currency in our store. Along with collecting points for each purchase amount, you can sign up for our newsletter that informs you of any new product or special we may be having during the year. We don't sell or give any of your info. It's strictly a one-on-one coorespondence with no hidden agenda. Just our way of rewarding you for being a customer of ours.

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We Are Available

Often when you purchase a design element from a company, that's it. "Wham Bam, thank you 'mam" We are not. We are available for any question you may have. We will help you with how to use the file in your project, how to convert it for any program you are working with, or give tips on how to get the desired results you are looking for.